encryption using python

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encryption using python

import Crypto
from Crypto.PublicKey import RSA
from Crypto import Random

random_generator = Random.new().read
key = RSA.generate(1024, random_generator) #generate public and private keys

publickey = key.publickey # pub key export for exchange

encrypted = publickey.encrypt('encrypt this message', 32)
#message to encrypt is in the above line 'encrypt this message'

print 'encrypted message:', encrypted #ciphertext

f = open ('encryption.txt', 'w'w)
f.write(str(encrypted)) #write ciphertext to file

#decrypted code below

f = open ('encryption.txt', 'r')
message = f.read()

decrypted = key.decrypt(message)

print 'decrypted', decrypted

f = open ('encryption.txt', 'w')
#Made by myself

import random

text = input ( "Enter text: " )

result = ""
private_key = ""

for i in text:

    rand = random.randint ( 1, 125 )
    en = rand + ord ( i )
    en = chr ( en )
    en = str ( en )

    private_key = private_key + str ( rand ) + " "

    result = result + en

print ( "\nPublic key:", result )
print ( "Private key:", private_key )


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