how to comment in html

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how to comment in html

<!--This is a comment in html.-->
<!--You can put comments enywhere! It does not care if it is mid peice of
code in a peice of code! You must put the ending arrows in or it will
think everything is a comment! Note you can comment over multiple lines.
Use a ! at the start arrow, this may not make sence as the rest of
html uses tags where ! is at the ends.-->
<!-- Comment HTML -->
  /* A CSS comment */
  // A Javascript Comment
<p>This text is visible. Check the source code for multi-line comment.</p>
Hello, world! I am a comment and I am
displayed in multiple lines!
<!-- questo è un commento -->
<!-- This is HTML -->
/* This is CSS */
// This is CSS to
<!-- here is how to use comment in htm -->

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