how to run react native app

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how to run react native app

react-native run-android 
react-native run-ios
npm install -g react-native-cli

//cd to the file where your react native projects will be 
react-native init albums

// Run instructions for  IOS/Android
cd projects/albums 

npx react-native run-ios
npx react-native run-android
npm install -g expo-cli
$ npx react-native init firstapp
react-native start
// For iOS
   //Case 1: Run on Simulator
   npx react-native run-ios

  //Case 2: Choose Scheme
  npx react-native run-ios --scheme <Scheme Name>
  // Run on a different simulator, e.g. iPhone SE: 
  react-native run-ios --simulator "iPhone SE"

  // Pass a non-standard location of iOS directory: 
  react-native run-ios --project-path "./app/ios"

  // Run on a connected device, e.g. Max's iPhone: 
  react-native run-ios --device "Max's iPhone"

//For Android

//Case 1: Run on Simulator
npx react-native run-android

//Case 2: Choose varient
npx react-native run-android --varient <varient name>

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