how to test routes-react-router-dom-in-react-using-jest

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how to test routes-react-router-dom-in-react-using-jest

import React from 'react';
import  shallow, mount  from 'enzyme';
import Routes,  Home, News, NoMatch  from './Routes';
import  MemoryRouter
 from 'react-router'
import  Route  from 'react-router-dom';

let pathMap = ;
describe('routes using array of routers', () => 
  beforeAll(() => 
    const component = shallow(<Routes/>);
    pathMap = component.find(Route).reduce((pathMap, route) => 
        const routeProps = route.props();
        pathMap[routeProps.path] = routeProps.component;
        return pathMap;
      , );
  it('should show Home component for / router (getting array of routes)', () => 

  it('should show News Feed component for /news router', () => 
  it('should show News Feed component techdomain for /news router', () => 
  it('should show No match component for route not defined', ()=>


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