python generate random string

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python generate random string

import random
import string

def random_string_generator(str_size, allowed_chars):
    return ''.join(random.choice(allowed_chars) for x in range(str_size))

chars = string.ascii_letters + string.punctuation
size = 12

print('Random String of length 12 =', random_string_generator(size, chars))
import secrets 

# this will produce something like 
# aa82d48e5bff564f3221d02194611c13
import string
import random



# -random letter generator-
import string
var1 = string.ascii_letters

import random
var2 = random.choice(string.ascii_letters)
from random import randint

def create_random_chars(nbr_of_chars):
    return "".join(chr(randint(33,126)) for i in range(nbr_of_chars))

# I1CU>E5q;$
''.join(random.choice(string.ascii_uppercase + string.digits) for _ in range(N))


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