which is better julia or python

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which is better julia or python

I love julia, its 10 times better than python.You all must be thinking that 
python has more libraries than julia.the intresting part of julia is you can
import python libraries in julia for eg-numpy, pandas, open-cv etc.The
perfomance-speed after importing python libraries is just awesome.
""" Yes, Julia is a Superior Language to Python. It will take some time for
the Julia community to rival Python's community.
Surely it will happen, in time. What a great oppurtunity for us to build
a new and Exciting language. Faster, Sleeker, Simpler, 
composable multi-threaded parallelism!
Julia really is Incredible and the Future of Data Engineering.
The Reason that I love Julia is that the Language is written......In Julia!+
Compare Python, and it is Written in C.. Forgeddaboudit!
This allows a Julia user to become much more intimate with the Framework.
Julia also plays nice with Python, with the use of PYCall.
It really is an Incredible language, and I don't think that your time 
Will be wasted by learning Julia. """

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